Ankle Weight - 2kg

  • रु1,300.00

Ankle Weights can help to effectively tone and shape your muscles with regular use. This set of 1kg ankle weights' added resistance will build stamina and give your legs an overall toned look. The weights can be adjusted using the external pockets and can be worn anywhere, including at home, the office or just running errands. Walking with these weights can add that extra boost and resistance to your workout. The ankle and wrist weights offer a way to add to your workout with little effort. Add or remove weight without taking the ankle weights off. The adjustable hook & loop closures ensure a secure fit. Each ankle weight weighs 1KG each, giving you a total of 2 KG  of easy weight lifting. One size fits most.

  • Cardio, HIT, Strength training, calisthenics, street workout 

Features & Benefits

  • Tone and shape your muscles
  • Build stamina and give your legs an overall toned look
  • Weights are adjustable
  • Can be worn anywhere

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