Return and Refund

Return & Refund Policy

Return & refund policy is the provision where the rights are given to the customer to return or refund the product. The product under the warranty period will be handled separately by the service center, return & refund policy will not be eligible for such product. The return policy may not be the same for all products under a different product category. Product applicable or not for return and refund policy will be mentioned on the product page.


Valid Reason for a return & exchange:

1.       If the delivered product is different in size, volume, color, and design;

2.       If the delivered product is damaged or defective;

3.       If the product is incorrect and incomplete;

4.       If a complaint is reported within 48 hours of delivery. 

Valid Reason for a refund:

1.       If the product is unavailable;

2.       If the product is no longer needed (If you have changed your mind after making an order before delivery);

3.       If a complaint is reported within 48 hours.


Time and process

1.       The return & refund process starts after the complaint is reported to our service center through any valid medium (our website, email, or phone call); 

2.       Our delivery team will collect products within 48 hours and will verify product complaints;

3.       Your product will be exchanged and delivered back to you within 48 hours;

4.        Refund will take 48-96 hours after a complaint or product return.



Refund time depends on the payment methods:

1.       Cash on delivery and bank transfer will take 96 hours

2.       Cart rule voucher will take 48 hours

3.       connect ips, Khalti, e-Sewa will take 48 hours


Shipping charge refunded: 

1.       If the product is different, damaged, defective, incomplete;

2.       If the customer no longer needs the product, then the shipping charge will not be refunded, and the customer has to pay for the return and refund service marked by us.